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Transformed: A Spiritual Journey

Lance’s dream had finally come true. He was in a rock band that took music seriously.

But he never expected that meeting a toe-sock-wearing Texan would change the course of his life for eternity.

Are you ready to look honestly at what you know about life? Go on an exciting, personal journey with Lance Mosher, during which he questions everything he thought he knew about Christianity, faith, and salvation—the very essence of who he thought he was. Transformed will resonate with anyone looking for meaning in a world of chaos. How will you be challenged as you enjoy a journey to the center of a soul?

Topical Bible Studies: Volume 1

Thirteen studies to help you explore your Bible questions.

Approaching the Bible topically comes with both a challenge and a danger. The challenge is in the vastness of Scripture—how can you discover the answers to your specific questions among so much information? The danger is in reading Scripture out of context, which is one of the greatest threats to biblical literacy today.

Each passage of Scripture presented in Topical Bible Studies is considered in its historical and scriptural context before asking how it applies to the question at hand.

With Topical Bible Studies: Volume 1, you will explore questions about: “Scripture Roulette,” Being Born Again, Repentance, Church and Salvation, Saul of Tarsus, Sainthood, John’s Baptism, The Lord’s Supper, Forgiveness, Memes, Baptism in Jesus’ Name, Antichrist, Pilate’s Verdict

Sweeping Aotearoa:
A New Zealand Photographic Journey

Lance Mosher defies the rulebooks that dictate the line between travel and landscape photography. After traversing the land of New Zealand for a decade, the result of his journey is Sweeping Aotearoa—a stunning, multi-volume collection of over 700 photographs, each with its own story to tell.

Driving off the beaten path and into the unknown, Lance discards convention in pursuit of the perfect shot (all while respecting the land and the law, of course). From north to south, east to west, and island to island, Lance captures the wilds of New Zealand—from its forests to its rivers and lakes, from its mountain peaks to its glaciers. His photographs take you from city to desert, from beach to rainforest, and everywhere in between.

So come, journey with Lance Mosher, and see Aotearoa through the lens of a seasoned explorer in Sweeping Aotearoa.

Searching for Brandon Bason

Ever since his mother’s death, seventeen-year-old Brandon Bason has been stuck in the shadow of an abusive stepfather. When a deadly tragedy strikes again, Brandon struggles to contain his anger at the hand he’s been dealt, rejecting any notion of a God who cares about him. Suspended from school only weeks before graduation, Brandon stands at a crossroads. Then, unexpectedly, he receives an old cigar box that offers clues to his real father.

With nothing more to guide him than a well-loved road map to the Grand Canyon and an old, tattered Bible, Brandon embarks on the adventure of a lifetime—but not before roping his friend in for the ride. Along the way, they meet a good Samaritan with whom they form an unlikely friendship and explore life’s big questions. But just when things are looking up, Brandon discovers that what he left behind is much harder to run from than he thought.

Join Brandon on his raw, yet touching, coming-of-age journey. As he searches for the family he never knew he had, will he also find the faith he desperately needs?

How far would you go to learn who you are?

Clouded by Emotion: Studies on the Holy Spirit and Miracles

If you’re a Christian, you probably have questions about the Holy Spirit.

​I was confused for many years about the Holy Spirit because I sought answers from church leaders, the internet, experiences, and my feelings. They all gave me conflicting answers. Sound familiar? Finally, I did what I should have done from the beginning—open the Bible and study deeply. And what I found surprised me. Perhaps you’ll be surprised too!

In Clouded by Emotion, you’ll discover the Bible’s answers to your questions about:

Each of the thirteen chapters ends with discussion questions and access to a short video for Bible classes and personal devotion.​

What Can Hold Our Love? An Adoption Story

A sweet story about a family of four who grow through adoption.

Once there was a family with lots of extra love. They searched and searched for the perfect place to put it. Would it fit in a box? How about a balloon? Maybe a boat? But nothing could hold their love!

And then they met a special little someone...

Author's passion and purpose:
Written and illustrated by Kristen Mosher, who searched for an adoption book for her family that featured not just a mother and father, but a family with children who wanted to adopt. She had a hard time finding one, so she created What Can Hold Our Love? An Adoption Story. Now, families with children pursuing adoption can enjoy a relatable story together.

The Ultimate Playground Journal

Parents, do your children love playing AND collecting data?

The Ultimate Playground Journal is perfect for documenting & discovering the best playgrounds ever. Kids aged 5 to 12 will love rating playground equipment, registering the weather, and scoring playgrounds to determine once and for all which playgrounds are the best EVER! This is a one-of-a-kind journal that your children will treasure for years.