I revisited The Recluse.

​Much can change in eighteen years. The Recluse doesn’t look the same. Neither do I. I’ve now been a Christian for over half my life. Praise God for what He did in 2003. Praise God for how He has shaped me and helped me grow. Praise God for what I am still learning and the opportunities He presents me with every day. May I be able to help my family and others see Jesus,

—Lance, October 2021

Lance Mosher

Lance married the love of his life, Kristen, in 2008. They have two sons, Silas and Asher. He earned his bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2009 and his master’s degree in ministry in 2011 from Freed-Hardeman University. He and his family lived in New Zealand spreading the gospel for nine years. They now live in the United States. In his free time, Lance enjoys time with his family, reading, writing, the outdoors, photography, music, and movies.

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Below are some photos that correspond with moments and subjects in Transformed.

Other Projects

Below are some other projects Lance is involved in: